The Ingredients

Most people assume cosmetics and personal care products are tested for safety before being stocked on store shelves. In truth, personal care products are one of the least regulated industries in the United States.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FFDCA) includes 112 pages of standards for food and drugs, but just a single page for cosmetics. The cosmetics title of the FFDCA, which has not been amended significantly since it was enacted more than 75 years ago, provides virtually no power to perform even the most basic actions to ensure the safety of an estimated $71 billion cosmetic industry.

Sadly, many of the big cosmetics brands have fully exploited the status quo—consumer protection is not necessarily their friend, and they take little responsibility for proactively safeguarding the health and wellness of their customers. They rely on the industry's lack of safety regulation to formulate their products with ingredients both harmful to human health and the health of plants and animals (when these substances pollute the soil, air, and water).

We believe in doing things differently.


Since ‘non-toxic’ has no official definition in the cosmetics and skin care industry, we had to define it for ourselves. To Faraday Face, ‘non-toxic’ means that we do our best to choose ingredients with no known risk to health. There are major data gaps on most cosmetics ingredients, so we review emerging data regularly and choose the simplest, and most sustainable and stable botanicals and minerals to feature in our products in the meantime. We do not assume that the absence of data means an ingredient or chemical is safe, it means we do not know about its potential health impacts. So, we review emerging data regularly, and making progress toward safer, more natural, and more rigorously tested ingredients is something we explore and discuss with suppliers and customers (and we encourage other brands to do the same). In short: our goal is to create products, using as many ingredients in their most natural form as possible, that are healthier and safer.


Our ingredients are never less than 70% organic, and the overwhelming majority of the substances that are "not organic" are inorganic compounds (minerals) to which the organic designation does not apply.


We are proud to go beyond the current industry standards of transparency. Transparency through education is difficult in today’s world, with an ever-growing focus on bite-sized pieces of marketing content accommodating consumers’ shorter attention spans. As a brand focused on safer, more sustainable products, we work to explain the reasons behind Faraday Face’s philosophy, how it impacts our decisions as a company, and how it ultimately translates into quality of products for sale and ability of our customers to make educated purchasing decisions. For example, every formula ingredient, including components of fragrances, flavors, and preservatives, are listed on directly on Faraday Face product labels or on the product pages online. This doesn’t mean every ingredient in every formula is perfect—there are plenty of things we can (and will) do better as we grow. But it does create more transparency, and allows us to have a dialogue with you around our ingredients.

Please don’t hesitate to email if you have questions or concerns.